Read some of the reflections and testimonies from our previous IGNITE evenings.

The Holy Spirit is alive and active in our lives and in our world!


I had a really great time at Ignite it was my 3rd time. I have learnt so much about God and his love towards us his child who are like Hosea 's wife in the Bible. I was able to reflect on why sometimes I don't feel God's love and where to look to find it. I got a sense of just how big and merciful God's love is. Sky was an amazing speaker who everyone in the audience could relate to and the worship was well done .overall it was a very love filled night that I truly enjoyed


I really enjoyed Sky's way of being able to take an everyday object (a stick stuck in the river bank mud) and use it to make me think about where I am and where I could be. It helped to clarify my feelings and my situation. It was really funny and inspiring


What a great evening. Very lively and laugh-out-loud talk by Sky, which gave a perfect illustration for young and old in relation to our individual relationship with God, both currently and the possibilities available to us! Fab talent and abilities on show all evening and all in the name of Jesus 😀 totally gutted we can't come in July


Ignite was amazing yet again! I really enjoyed Sky's talk about the unconditional love of God and it made me realise that God loves me no matter what and that He will always love me. Max Hather lead worship at Ignite. He was a former student from St. Peters. It was so nice to see him and catch up with him. He did an amazing job at leading worship. Everyone was on their feet clapping along/dancing and having a good time! I can't wait for the next ignite event!! I also want to say a massive thank you to Miss Baker for organising such event because Ignite events really helps us to feel connected to God.

I thought that IGNITE was sooo good. I was touched by Sky’s message about not only our love for each other but the love that comes from the God himself. He reminded me of God because every word he said I believe that God was actually speaking to me and everyone else in the room, also he brought back the faith that I felt was fading back into my life and that's why I thought was the best ignite I've ever been to so far Love it so much ☺ Well in my opinion I think it's an amazing social time and really gets my mind working! Thinking about how to be better and learning about God because I only found God a year ago in still learning and I really like finding out about his love and how he works! I really like meeting people and hearing about other events such as the 24 hr sports for charity and I really enjoy the guests every time you have brought an inspirational person so thank you for putting all of it together


I really don’t know where to begin. I had the best experience ever. And by this I mean by Sky who was the guest of honour. He actually made me realise how God loves us so much that people take that love for granted. From him I leant that once you receive the love of God nothing can ever beat that. In my opinion I think that the best thing to do is to learn how to receive Gods love coz once you have it you will be able to share that love with others. Also the environment that evening was so great. This was because all of us in that room had the same belief and having surrounded by other young people who share the same belief as you that is what made that night very special to me. It also strengthens my faith mainly because you get to hear this amazing things that God has done for others and it just make you appreciate what God had done for you and realise how amazing He is. Finally I would like to appreciate Miss Baker for making this night very special to me because I think that God has brought her to my life to be able to open up my eyes and my heart